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Buss-Knauf Translations pty ltd was set up in April 2016 and specialises in financial translations from English, French and Dutch into German. The company is the successor of Buss-Deutsch Translations SPRL that was set up in March 2001 in Brussels/Belgium. Other areas of expertise include economics, EU policy, insurance business, marketing, history, art and editorially demanding texts.

Our customers include international banks and wealth managers, insurance companies, translation agencies and advertising agencies.

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Sarah Knauf

Sarah was born in Rochester, New York, USA and has a Masters in Music from Nazareth College in New York as well as dual bachelors degrees in Music Performance and Music Education from Ithaca College in New York. She taught music for a few years in New York and then moved to Belgium to teach music at an international school in Waterloo, Belgium for 14 years. In our company, she takes care of the accountancy and the quality assurance of the translations. Sarah is fluent in English and can speak Spanish, French and German. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, photography, piano, singing and exploring Australia with her family.

Michael Buss

Michael is a graduate of the Institut Supérieur de Traducteurs et Interprètes (Brussels,Belgium) and was born and raised in Germany. Shortly after getting his translation degree in 2000 he set up his first translation business in Brussels/Belgium. In July 2016, he decided to leave Belgium behind, took his wife Sarah and his two children and settled in Australia. During his many trips to Australia he had realised that the warm climate and the beautiful surroundings in Australia create the perfect conditions to spur productivity and creativity. Michael speaks fluent German, French, English and Dutch, learned Latin at school and has an intermediate knowledge of Italian and Spanish. Whenever he is not working hard for his customers Michael likes to spend time with his family, runs along Australian beaches and dives in the ocean whenever he can.